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Thank You To the Mercy Community for a Successful Event!  If you would still like to make a donation please use the link below.  If you need to Check out and pay a balance due from the night of the event please use the registrar your credit card button above. 


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Cash Donation $0.00
I authorize Mercy High School - Mercy Parents' Club to use the credit card entered on the submission page at event Mystery at the Mansion. Once the transaction has completed successfully, a confirmation receipt will be sent to the email address entered.
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Event Sponsors

  • $400.00 "Who Dunnit", Event Sponsor, David B. & Edward C. GOODSTEIN Foundation & Francesca Eastman
  • $400.00 "Who Dunnit" Event Sponsor, Mr. & Ms. Michael & Sarah Murphy
  • $400 "Who Dunnit" Event Sponsor. Haley & Nikki Schaul
  • $1000.00 Event "Bar" Underwriters Mr. and Mrs. John & Melinda Adams